Neuropsychological Examination

–A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation or testing  consists of record review, clinical  interview focusing on problems/difficulties and relevant history, followed by standardized paper and pencil and computerized tests of cognitive (e .g., attention, concentration, learning and memory, speed of thinking, language, reasoning, judgment, and motor skills),  emotional, and personality functions.

Our thorough  comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations typically lasts several hours, completed in 1-day or divided into multiple days, depending on your fatigue level, issues, and  and time. The results of the evaluation and recommendations are discussed in person in a feedback session with opportunity for questions/concerns.

— You should be well-rested and have something to eat prior to the appointment.  You will be provided with breaks throughout the procedure.

–Please bring your reading glasses and/or hearing aids and a list of your medications with dosage, as well as any doctors office notes/reports of recent blood work, CT/MRI/PET  scan imaging studies and EEG.

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